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CrossRoads is a year round developmental child care program for Preschool through School Age children, ages 2 years to 15 years in the historic CrossRoads community of Davidsonville, Maryland.

Meet Our Teachers

The members of our teaching team are both professional and supportive of Christian values. 
They strive to create a loving, enriched atmosphere for children and to personify religious principles in their relationships with children.

Our teachers strive to provide a welcoming environment where children learn and grow through hands-on exploration.  Learning is accomplished through a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.  The whole child is nurtured through the use of individually appropriate activities, materials and equipment.  It is important that time is taken to observe and to get to know each child in order to respond to individual needs.  This is accomplished by providing appropriately challenging activities, allowing the children to feel good about themselves and to get along well with others. 

  Marilyn Lindskold


MARILYN LINDSKOLD is the  director at CrossRoads. Marilyn holds her Bachelors Degree, which she earned in the Philippines! Marilyn has been teaching our Pre Kindergarten Class for more than 6 years before she became the new director of CrossRoads. She also holds both her 90 hour Early Childhood Education Certificate and her 45 hour School Age Certificate! She loves working with children of all ages and prior to working at CrossRoads, she was both an Assistant Director and Director for another center! Marilyn has two children of her own and both are CrossRoads graduate! Marilyn loves to play the guitar with her daughter who plays violin. She also enjoys photography, crafts related to nautical theme , art, interior designing and landscaping.

Patricia Sellman

Assistant Director

PATRICIA SELLMAN is the Assistant Director. Ms. Patricia has been married for 20 years and has 2 children and 2 granddaughters. She is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and has been a member for over 30 years. She enjoys singing with the church choir and working with the youth. Ms. Patricia’s hobbies include: reading, serving in the community and most importantly, spending time with her family!

              Taylor Leavy

                 Preschool Teacher

  Barbara Stecher

   Preschool Prep Teacher

Rebecca Sellman

Pre Kindergarten Teacher

Terrye Commander

Preschool PrepTeacher

BARBARA STECHER teaches in  our preschool prep classroom. She was born in Wisconsin and graduated from Wisconsin State University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. Barbara taught in Illinios, Okinawa, Japan, Wisconsin, Rockville, Maryland and Virginia. She has three grown daughters and two grandchildren. Barbara has lived in Davidsonville since 1985 and been a member of Davidsonville United Methodist Church for 27 years. She has been with CrossRoads since we opened in August 2007! Her hobbies include: traveling, gardening and cross stitching.

                  Mary Smaw

      Pre Kindergarten Assistant  Teacher

REBECCA SELLMAN is our Pre Kindergarten Teacher.  She is the daughter of Ms. Pat. Rebecca has her 90 clock hours in Childhood education and is pursuing her education to be a Social Worker. 

TAYLOR LEAVY teaches in our Pre Kindergarten classroom. Taylor is a 2013 graduate of South River High School and is currently attending Anne Arundel Community College, studying Early Childhood Development. Taylor's goal, once she completes school is to be a Kindergarten teacher. In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending time with her pets, listening to music, hula hooping, making crafts, and when it is warm enough- spending time outside. Taylor is the second oldest in her extended family so she has always been around children. Taylor enjoys the fact that not only do children learn from adults, but we as adults always have something we can learn from children as well. Taylor is very excited to be working at CrossRoads and towards her career goal of becoming a Kindergarten teacher!

Patricia Kelly

Preschool Prep Teacher

             Margaret Bodnar

          Preschool Teacher

MARY SMAW is our Pre Kindergarten AssistantTeacher. Mary has taught Middle School in Connecticut prior to moving here in Maryland.  She also taught Bible Study for 4-5 years old at her church in Glenarden, Upper Marlboro. Mary is an active member of their church and volunteer with their outreach ministry, Women's Ministry and Wives Support Ministry.

MARGARET BODNAR teaches our Pre Kindergarten classroom and our Preschool Prep Classroom.  Margaret or she is called by our children "Ms. Molly" is a graduate from Annapolis High School in 2007 and currently attend Anne Arundel Community College for Elementary Education.  She holds her 90 hour Childhood education and wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Margaret has a son named Joseph who is attending Kindergarten . Margaret enjoys movies, going to the park with her son and spending time with her family.

TERRYE COMMANDER teaches  in our preschool prep class. She has her 90 clock hours for Child Development and she is a Cosmetologist. She enjoy reading and doing hair.

PATRICIA KELLY teaches our Preschool Prep classroom. She was born in Oakland, California and lived in different countries and States with her father being in military. Patricia is the oldest of 3 siblings.  She earn her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavior at the University of San Francisco. She belongs to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Largo, MD, teaches Cathechism and a member of Good Samaritan, an organization that helps children in need. She is a volunteer at St. Bernardine of Siena Catholic Church for their food pantry.  In her down time she enjoy reading, jazzercise, going to museums, travelling and walking.  Patricia loved teaching and being around with children. Patty is currently working on getting her 90 clock hours for Child Development.

Diamond Hunter

Pre-K  Prep Teacher

DIAMOND HUNTER teaches in our Pre-K Prep classroom.  Diamond earned her 90 clock hours for Child Development  at Prince George Community College. She is married and has daughte who attends CrossRoads Child Development Center. She enjoys working with young children.

  Winsome McKenzie

Pre-K Prep Teacher

   Sarah Kreiner

     Preschool Prep Teacher

Jade Fridell

Pre K Prep and School Age Teacher

               Merrily Suing

      PreK Assistant  and School AgeTeacher

WINSOME MCKENZIE teaches in our Preschool classroom. She was born in 1950 on an island called Jamaica, She grew up in an orphanage where she was taught love and respect. She was raised by a nurse and wanted to be one, She is very proactive child and had made a lot of friends.  Her first job was working in a preschool and was married and a mother of eight children and sixteen grandchildren. Winsome loved her family. Winsome attended Sam Sharpe Teacher's College and earned her diploma in Primary Education and she also earned her degree in Primary Education at Northern Caribbean University. She loved pink and lime green and enjoys reading. She also love meeting and interacting with people of different ethnic background.

SARAH KREINER is our Teacher for the Preschool Prep and also school age class. Ms. Sarah is a graduate of South River High School.Ms. Sarah holds her 90 clock hour certification through her Child Development Program at South River High School. Ms. Sarah attends Anne Arundel Community College to study Pediatric Nursing and will pursue and further her studies in  a University.

JADE FRIDELL teaches our Pre K Prep and School Age classroom. Ms. Jade holds her 90 clock hours for Child Development and 45 clock hours for School Age Program. Ms. Jade loves spending her free time with her nephew and her dog Pennydoodle.

MERRILY SUING is our Assistant Teacher in our PreK and Scool Age classroom. Ms. Merrily is a graduate of South River High School.  She attends Anne Arundel Community College to study Elementary Education and will further her studies in a University eventually. Ms. Merrily would like to teach Kindergarten or First Grade.  She likes to read in her free time as well as spend time with her family.

                     Sarah Roderick

                  School Age Teacher

Sarah Roderick is our School Age Teacher. Ms. Sarah received her 90 clock hour certificate through the Child Development  Program at South River High School. She also received her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Frostburg State University in the spring of 2019.  She plans to continue her education by getting a Masters Degree in Literacy Education. Ms. Sarah's hobbies include reading and baking.

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