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CrossRoads is a year round developmental child care program for Preschool through School Age children, ages 2 years to 15 years in the historic CrossRoads community of Davidsonville, Maryland.

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The members of our teaching team are both professional and supportive of Christian values. 
They strive to create a loving, enriched atmosphere for children and to personify religious principles in their relationships with children.
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Our teachers strive to provide a welcoming environment where children learn and grow through hands-on exploration.  Learning is accomplished through a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.  The whole child is nurtured through the use of individually appropriate activities, materials and equipment.  It is important that time is taken to observe and to get to know each child in order to respond to individual needs.  This is accomplished by providing appropriately challenging activities, allowing the children to feel good about themselves and to get along well with others. 

  Marilyn Lindskold


MARILYN LINDSKOLD is the  director at CrossRoads. Marilyn holds her Bachelors Degree, which she earned in the Philippines. Marilyn has been teaching our Pre Kindergarten Class for more than 12 years before she became the new director of CrossRoads. She also holds both her 90 hour Early Childhood Education Certificate and her 45 hour School Age Certificate! She loves working with children of all ages and prior to working at CrossRoads, she was both an Assistant Director and Director for another center! Marilyn has two children of her own and both are CrossRoads graduate! Marilyn loves to play the guitar with her daughter who plays violin. She also enjoys photography, crafts related to nautical theme , art, interior designing and landscaping.

Patricia Sellman

Assistant Director

PATRICIA SELLMAN is the Assistant Director. Ms. Patricia has been married for 20 years and has 2 children and 2 granddaughters. She is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and has been a member for over 30 years. She enjoys singing with the church choir and working with the youth. Ms. Patricia’s hobbies include: reading, serving in the community and most importantly, spending time with her family!

  Barbara Stecher

   Preschool Prep Teacher

BARBARA STECHER teaches in  our preschool prep classroom. She was born in Wisconsin and graduated from Wisconsin State University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. Barbara taught in Illinios, Okinawa, Japan, Wisconsin, Rockville, Maryland and Virginia. She has three grown daughters and two grandchildren. Barbara has lived in Davidsonville since 1985 and been a member of Davidsonville United Methodist Church for 27 years. She has been with CrossRoads since we opened in August 2007! Her hobbies include: traveling, gardening and cross stitching.

Rebecca Sellman

Pre Kindergarten Teacher

REBECCA SELLMAN is our Pre Kindergarten Teacher.  She enjoys working closely in her young adult ministry at her church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  Her hobbies are reading, drawing, and playing video games. Rebecca obtained her 90 clock hour certificate in 2013 while pursuing her career in Education.  While teaching here for four years her passion for Psychology and the clinical spectrum begin to grow, so she went on to McDaniel College and received her Bachelor's in social work, minoring in Sociology and Psychology.  She has also been accepted in the Alpha Kappa Delta Society. She has worked closely with the other teachers and families to incorporate helpful developmental tools for the children. Rebecca hopes to continue growing and receive her Clinical License in Social Work.  By doing she will have the ability to diagnose and treat children, adolescents with therapy and interventions who are experiencing various mental health conditions. Her long-term goal is to open her own private practice working with children, adolescents, and families.

Carlene (3).JPG

Carlene Holley

Teacher Pre K Prep

Ms. Janet.jpg

Janet Schmidt

Preschool Prep Assistant Teacher

Carlene Holley is our  Pre K Prep Teacher.  Ms. Carlene came from Jamaica and a relative of our very own Ms. Winsome.  She has attended St. Joseph's Teacher College and The University of the West Indias and earned her Degree in Teaching.  She has taught for Preschool to 4th Grade for over 30 years.  She is passionate about teaching children and help them grow.

Janet Schmidt is our Assistant teacher in our Preschool Prep class.

Ms. Janet has worked at the Department of Agriculture for the last 30 years and retired.  She is taking up the Child Development course to become a Lead Teacher someday.  She attends Friendship United Methodist Church.

   Sarah Kreiner

     Preschool Prep Teacher

  Winsome McKenzie

Pre-K Prep Teacher

WINSOME MCKENZIE teaches in our Preschool classroom. She was born in 1950 on an island called Jamaica, She grew up in an orphanage where she was taught love and respect. She was raised by a nurse and wanted to be one, She is very proactive child and had made a lot of friends.  Her first job was working in a preschool and was married and a mother of eight children and sixteen grandchildren. Winsome loved her family. Winsome attended Sam Sharpe Teacher's College and earned her diploma in Primary Education and she also earned her degree in Primary Education at Northern Caribbean University. She loved pink and lime green and enjoys reading. She also love meeting and interacting with people of different ethnic background.

SARAH KREINER is our Teacher for the Preschool Prep. Ms. Sarah is a graduate of South River High School and currently attending Anne Arundel COmmunity College to study Pediatric Nursng. Ms. Sarah holds her 90 clock hour certification through her Child Development Program at South River High School. She plan to join the RN program in Fall 2020.

Ilean Cook

School Age Teacher

Tiffany Lee Porter

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ilean Cook  is our School Age Teacher.  Ms. Ilean is a retired Federal Government employee.  She also worked at Clinton Christian School, Rock Creek Christian Academy and Prince George's School. Ms. Ilean loves to travel and has been to many places . She is also an active member of her church. Ms. Ilean earned her 45 clock hours for School Age program.

Tiffany Porter is our Assistant Teacher  for our Preschool Prep.  She is currently attending Bowie State University.  She loves working with young children and wanted to be a Pediatrician someday.  

Jordan Whittington

School Age Asst. Teacher

Jordan Whittington  is our School Age Assistant teacher.  Mr. Jordan has been working for us every summer as our Summer Substitute. He is currently studying a Towson Universtity.

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